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Lz55 Lz65 Good Thermal Shock Resistance Refractory High Alumina Firebricks for Hot Blast Stove

Overview Product Description Product Introduction of High Alumina Brick: High alumina brick refers to refractory product

High Quality Zirconia Nozzle Composite Tundish Metering Nozzle Refractory Upper Nozzle Lower Nozzle

Overview Product Description Sliding Nozzle for Steel Ladles: Enhancing Efficiency and Safety Applications of Bearing Bu

Collebon Magnesia Carbon Brick Refractory Ladle Brick for Flash Furnace

DESCRIPTION The patented product developed by our company. High percentage chromium oxides and fused aluminum oxide, hig

China Referency Brick 97% Magnesia Carbon Brick for Converter

Magnesia carbon brick is one high quality product of our company. The products are mainly raw materials with high purity

Standard Size High Alumina Refractory Brick Price

Standard size high alumina refractory brick price Product Description High alumina bricks for general uses are mainly ma

Refractory Industry High Alumina Fire Clay Brick for Cupola Furnace Boiler Round

Product Description Hard Fireclay bricks are alumina silicate bricks with the refractoriness of SK 32-34 and contain 35-

Manufacturer Grinding Disc for Stainless Steel 115X6X22.2 with MPa & Ce Certificates

Depressed Center Grinding Wheel for Stainless Steel Abrasive Material: White Aluminum Oxide Type: Depressed Center Grind

Corundum Mortar Refractory Mortar Monolithic Refractory Material

Corundum Mortar Refractory Mortar Monolithic Refractory MaterialThe Description:The use of unique method to produce indu

90 Degree 45 Degree Elbow Pipe Fitting Elbow Butt Weld Elbow Stainless Steel Elbow

About US: Founded in 2009, our company, Zhejiang Jiede Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd., is specialized in producing stainl



Overview Pre-installed slide gate plate and nozzle Product Description Slide gate plate is the key part in the slide gat

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

Package Size 600.00cm * 700.00cm * 400.00cm Package Gross Weight 50000.000kg EAF Refractories EBT Filler Introduction: T

Material Raw High Temperature Refractory Bio Soluble Ceramic Fiber Bulk Heat Insulation Material Price

Overview Feature & Typical Application Features Excellent thermal shock resistance Excellent chemical stability High-tem