Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

Package Size 600.00cm * 700.00cm * 400.00cm Package Gross Weight 50000.000kg EAF Refractories EBT Filler Introduction: T
Basic Info.
Model NO. EBT Filler
Shape Powder
Material Alumina Block
Brand Semc
Machine Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler
Product Name Ebt Filler
Transport Package Standard
Specification Standard
Trademark SEMC
Origin China
HS Code 69022000
Production Capacity 5000PCS/Day
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 600.00cm * 700.00cm * 400.00cm Package Gross Weight 50000.000kg
Product Description

EAF Refractories EBT Filler


The electric furnace tapping filler is made of specific high-quality olivine sand with high refractoriness for the eccentric bottom electric furnace tap. Before the tapping, put the EBT filler at the tapping platform, and the molten steel can smoothly flow into the ladle through the filler. The automatic opening rate of this product can be more than 90%.
Easy to use, and with high opening rate

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

Induction furnace is used for smelting or insulating ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, sponge iron, such as scrap iron, scrap steel, copper, aluminum and so on. Complete working equipment such as continuous casting machine, rolling mill, mainly used for the production of billet, steel bar, angle steel, H-beam, I-beam, etc. Using KGPS, IGBT, single or double power supply technology, PLC (Siemens) can be realized throughout the monitoring.

Main supply list: 2 sets of electric furnace body, 2 sets of hydraulic or mechanical tilting electric furnace mechanism, 1 set of control platform, 1 set of intermediate frequency control cabinet (6 pulse 1, 12 pulse 2, 24 pulse 4), low voltage control cabinet (6 pulse 1, 12 pulse 2, 24 pulse 4), 1 set of capacitor cabinet, 4 or 8 water-cooled cables; 1 water temperature alarm, 1 leakage alarm; 1 crucible mold, 1 liquid One batch of pressure steel pipe, one set of copper row, three water tanks. Transformer, cooling tower, furnace builder, furnace lining ejector, furnace cover.

Product Model: GW1.5-IGBT-1300-0.5-B
Dual output with a set of power supply, can supply power to two sets of furnaces simultaneously, to achieve "one for two", total power can realize stepless free distribution on two sets of furnaces. Equipping two sets of furnaces, one is used for melting or heating refining , the other is used for insulation and casting, and two sets of furnaces can mutual replace to use. Medium frequency power supply device of IGBT transistor module can be used for melting, induction heating, heating treatment.

Main Technical Parameters

No.ItemTechnical Parameters
01Furnace rated capacity (steel)1.5t
02Rated power of medium frequency power supply (1000+300)1300kW
03Maximum power of single furnace output1000kW
04Rated frequency500Hz
05Working temperature1600ºC
06Melting rate(Rated loading material, concentrate, density, the third furnace, auxiliary time not counting)1.6t/h
07Power consumption(Rated loading material, concentrate, density, the third furnace, auxiliary time not counting)600kWh/t
08Cooling water consumption- medium frequency power supply cabinet30m3/h

Supply Range of Complete Set

01IGBT-1300(1000+300)-0.5-B medium frequency power supply device of transistor module1set
02"Medium frequency power supply cabinet using closed cycle water cooling device"(Set in the rectifier cabinet)1set
03Air conditioning refrigeration equipment (Set in frequency power supply device)4 sets
04GW1.5t Melting Furnace2 sets
05Hydraulic actuator(including hydraulic pump station, console, hydraulic oil tubing)1set
06Water-cooled cable8sets
07Cooling water dispenser(used for inductor and water-cooled cable)2 sets

IGBT Dual track working GW1.5-IGBT-1300-0.5-B

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

IGBT technology b GW3-IGBT-2000-0.2-B

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

furnace with cover GW1-IGBT-800-1-B

Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler


Eaf Refractories Ebt Filler

We provide PS steel chip crusher 2018
PS series steel chip crusher, used to crush all kinds of car scraps, shavings and cuttings into 20-50mm scraps, in order to enter the chip and machine (metal chip briquetting machine) for briquetting treatment.
1 Hydraulic system is adopted to effectively solve the overload protection problem;
2 Hydraulic motor, high torque, saving power;
3 PLC control.

Version:0.9 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000011308 StartFragment:0000000141 EndFragment:0000011268List of 450 heavy scrap crusher Serial number Name Specifications (mm) Qty Remarks 1 Crusher shell 50mm 1 set Q235, plate thickness 50mm 2 Host hammer High manganese steel 1 set 16 pieces, each hammer head 80kg 3 Circular cutter High manganese steel 1 set 16 pieces, 45kg for each round cutter 4 Rotor disc φ1100 1 set Outer wear electrode welding 5 Spindle Diameter 390mm 1 root 6 Sieve plate φ65×100 1 set Steel casting ZG45 7 Motor 220KW 2 sets 8 Starting cabinet Soft start 1 set Control equipment operation 9 Hydraulic pumping station Matching 1 set Unpacking cylinder, movable plate cylinder, Forced feed cylinder 10 Dust removal system Matching 1 set Cyclone dedusting, pulse dedusting 11 Feeding machine 1 set 12 Magnetic separator 1 set 13 Loader heavy conveyor 1400×12000 1 set 14 Discharge belt conveyor 1000×10000 1 set 15 Belt conveyor 1000×8000 1 set 16 Waste belt conveyor 800×6000 1 set 1.Product principle and Application The crushing production line uses the principle of hammering. Under the drive of a high-speedand high-torque motor, the hammers on the host rotor take turns to hit the objects to be crushed in the cavity. Through the space formed between the liner and the hammers, After the crushed object is torn into a crushed object conforming to the specifications, a high-quality crushed material with high purity can be obtained under the action of a magnetic device. This production line is used to process waste car body, tinplate, household appliances, bicycles, empty cans and other lower scraps to make it into a superior steel making raw material. The machine continuously crushes, removes the coating film, increases the specific gravity of the volume, prevents the electric furnace from exploding, and improves the water output rate under certain conditions. 2.Technical conditions 1.1 (1) Ambient temperature: -20 ºC -40 ºC (2) Production staff: 3-5 people (3) Installation method: According to the installation diagram, the technicians guide the installation 1.2 Power supply (1) Three-phase four-wire 380V AC (±10%), 50HZ (±2%) (2) Low-voltage power supply of the equipment: 380v / 50hz; Working lighting power: 220v / 50hz; 3.Processing object 1. Waste car body (excluding engine, reduction gear box, tire, etc.); The 450KW crushing line needs to be broken into squares not larger than 800mm * 800mm when crushing colored steel tiles. 2, Tinplate (cans, etc.) 3. Iron sheet for home appliances (excluding motors, compressors, shafts, etc.) 4. ≤6mm light and thin materials and similar domestic waste 25, Empty cans (wash out thin materials, coatings, etc.), non-sealed cans. Note: After all the processed materials have been preliminarily processed, the shape and volume need to ensure that they can smoothly enter the main machine inlet. (Such as cans, small paint buckets, color steel tiles, car shells, etc.) 4.Not suitable for broken objects 1 Dangerous things: a Sealed container, conduit, etc .; b. Items that may cause an outbreak, fire, etc .; 2 Scrap cars: a. Subjects other than passenger cars; b. Engine, converter, differential gear, tire;