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How To Complete The Kijo Ritual In Ikai

Mar 01, 2024Mar 01, 2024

Here's everything you need to know about how to complete the Kijo ritual in Ikai.

As you wander through the terrifying environments of Ikai, you'll come face to face with a number of evil spirits or Yokai. In Japanese folklore, many Yokai are the result of transformations from cruel-hearted people. As such, there are several Yokai you'll encounter that have a distinct humanoid appearance.

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However, this doesn't make them any less dangerous and each should be avoided or approached with extreme caution at best. The first predatory Yokai you'll encounter is one known as a Kijo, which will stalk you when you return to the shrine. However, as a priestess, it's your job to seal its evil and put the spirit to rest.

Once a human, a Kijo is said to be created when a woman is overcome by extreme jealousy. They transform into a hunched over hag demon with horns, blue scaly bumpy skin, and claws. Since the shrine is secluded, it's the perfect place for a Kijo to hide and hunt. After returning to the shrine and investigating, the Kijo will make herself known, and it will be up to you to deal with it the only way a priestess can.

Being the first ritual you'll need to complete, much of it is straightforward, but it can be easy to panic or get turned around if you don't know what you're doing. Thankfully, the layout of the shrine's main building has a simple structure to remember.

When you enter the building, immediately go up the stairs. Go through the passageway in the center of the wall until you reach another room with a large cabinet in the center. Both sides of the rooms will be lined with shelves containing various objects. Look along the shelves on the left side to find a dish with coins in it and grab them.

Head back to the main entrance to find a prayer box with a rope beside it. Throw a coin into the box and then pull the rope in order to receive a key. Grab the key and go to the cabinet on the left side where you'll hear a bunch of voices. Open the cabinet and slide out the center drawer to reveal a white mask that will start shaking.

You'll need to place a seal on the mask to complete the ritual. The door behind the screen in the main room will now be unlocked. Go through it to enter a dark hallway where ghostly hands (manekute) will start emerging from the wall. You can walk through them safely and if they grab you, they'll just grapple with you for a few seconds before letting you go.

Go through the rooms until you're outside the building. Head to the far end of the walkway to get to the library. Grab the paper slips on the table and then move the footstool towards the right-middle part of the shelves. Step on it to reach the brush and ink.

As you return to the table to paint the seal, the priestess will exclaim that the area isn't safe. When you go back the way you came, you'll see the Kijo entering the building leading back to the shrine. Sneak back to that building and look for a low table with a lantern on it facing an open wall.

Sit with the opening in front of you and the storage room behind you. Alternate between painting strokes and stopping to hide in the storage room. You should be able to finish the seal in two or three attempts. After you do, go down the hallway back to the main chamber. Stay stealthy as you reach the doorway, and you'll see the Kijo descend the stairs before heading outside.

Once she does, sneakily make your way over to the cabinet with the mask. Examine the mask and place the seal on it to finish the ritual.

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Ikaito hide and hunt.immediately go up the stairs.find a dish with coins in it and grab them.Throw a coin into the box to reveal a white mask that will start shaking.ghostly hands (manekute) will start emergingto get to the library.the brush and'll see the Kijo entering the buildinga low table with a lantern on it facing an open wall.stopping to hide in the storage room. Stay stealthy Examine the mask and place the seal on it to finish the ritual.