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ASC Engineered Solutions: Stainless Steel Attachment Components

Jul 14, 2023Jul 14, 2023

Company: ASC Engineered Solutions

Product: AFCON AF700SS and AF730SS

Description: The AFCON AF700SS Universal Swivel Attachment and AF730SS Longitudinal and Lateral Sway Brace Attachment are two new stainless steel attachment components of a complete sway brace assembly for fire protection sprinkler systems. Using just the AF700SS and the AF730SS a complete stainless steel sway brace assembly can be formed for lateral, longitudinal or four-way riser braces. For projects that require stainless steel material, ASC has a product solution for sprinkler main pipe from 1” to 8” IPS, and brace pipe from 1” to 2” IPS. These new stainless seismic products come complete with built-in visual verification of the required installation torque, with break-off bolts and nuts. Included in the Seis Brace software are stainless steel anchors for concrete applications so a complete zone of influence calculation can be done for stainless steel projects. The AF700SS is available in 1/2” through 3/4” anchor diameters. The software also includes stainless steel pipe for system mains, branch lines and brace pipe. Both the AF700SS and the AF730SS are UL Listed and FM Approved.

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